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  • Guangzhou International Optics Fair 2019 is Waiting for You


         Less than three months before the annual GuangZhou international optics fair,the Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing is in full swing to carry out the work of attracting investment,with their solid professional attitude,the touch of every eyewear fashion hotspot,rich experience and dedication,in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Danyang, Xiamen station has made a lot of achievements, let the upcoming GuangZhou international optics fair has attracted a lot of attention.

    Shanghai station

    The 19th China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition was the first stop for the Guangzhou Exhibition to be promoted in 2019. The Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee participated in the “Extraordinary Brand Awards Ceremony” sponsored by the Complete Optical Magazines and the glasses conference held by Shanghai Fayin Glasses Co., Ltd.


    During the exhibition, the Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee made good use of the advantages of participating in the exhibition to seize the opportunity,, and made a one-on-one visit to the enterprises in the exhibition hall to promote the Guangzhou International Optics Fair.After three consecutive days of visits and precision marketing by the Guangzhou Optical Exhibition Organizing Committee,integrate eyewear design and matching with its excellent ideas,professional attitude and craftsman spirit,attracted nearly 50 companies to register on-site, and over 300 buyers consulted on-site.Get the recognition of many well-known brands!The enterprises reserving the booth are basically old customers, and many new customers have the intention to participate in the exhibition, which fully reflects the recognition degree of the glasses industry to guangzhou international glasses exhibition has greatly improved.At the same time, the exhibition team integrated the fashion and pioneering attitude of the optical industry to actively promote the “One Belt, One Road” overseas cooperation project, and distributed the promotional materials of the “One Belt, One Road” overseas cooperation project to the exhibitors. Exhibitors explain overseas participation and use big data to effectively and accurately connect high-end customer resources.After the unremitting efforts of the Guangzhou Optical Exhibition Organizing Committee, a total of four companies intend to participate.


    Guangzhou International Opticsl Fair's trip to Shanghai is abundance,we will continue to strive to provide glasses enterprises with "go global" quality business platform,create more special crafts and structures,enable enterprises to further explore the international market,consolidate sales channels in the domestic market and promote high quality products to the world.





    Wenzhou station

       The 17th China Wenzhou International Optics Fair is the second stop of the Guangzhou Exhibition in 2019.


    This time, the Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee visited the enterprises in the exhibition hall. After the close contact and accurate in-depth marketing of the members, they attracted more than 20 companies to sign on-site.


    In terms of investment attraction, the team members actively took advantage of the large number of pavilions and time slots visited by foreign customers to carry out all-round and multi-angle publicity and promotion reports on the site of the 2019 Guangzhou international optics fair. The warm atmosphere attracted more than 200 buyers' attention and consultation on the site.


    Danyang station

    The third stop of the Guangzhou Exhibition in 2019 was Danyang.Danyang is the largest lens production base in the country. Hundreds of millions of lenses are shipped from here to the world. The domestic and international eyewear brands are also established here, covering all areas of the optical industry.


    The Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee collected the list of prospective exhibitors by telephone invitation in advance.With the scorching sun, visit the intent companies one by one, and introduce the Guangzhou exhibition in detail to enable exhibitors to better display the company's image, strength, products and technology.Negotiate and cooperate with Danyang Optical Chamber of Commerce to organize the overseas exhibition of Belt and Road, and carry out the promotion work for Guangzhou International Optics Fair.They have visited more than 20 companies including Mingyue Lens and Quanzhen Optics.The Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee also visited Danyang International Optical City to introduce the latest developments of Guangzhou International Optics Fair to the merchants and provide a rare opportunity to explore the international and domestic markets. More than 100 merchants expressed their support for the Guangzhou Optics Fair.



    Xiamen station

    Xiamen is the “China Sunglasses Production Base” and the fourth stop of the Guangzhou Exhibition in 2019.


    On the first day of the exhibition, the Guangzhou Optical Fair Organizing Committee visited the exhibition exhibitors one by one, and introduced the Belt and Road International Exhibition and Guangzhou Optics Fair to the company in detail,and paid special attention to visiting prospective customers and distributed about 1000 leaflets to purchasers and exhibitors.Fighting hard, inviting effective professional buyers.


       At present, the recruitment and promotion work of Guangzhou Optics Fair will be returned triumphantly. Next, we will continue to explore representative enterprises from all over the country, and invite more domestic and overseas buyers to visit.

        Guangzhou Optics Fair will not forget the initial heart, bear in mind the mission, better promote the development of China's optical industry, and strive to build a comprehensive, professional and first-class business platform for the industry.









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