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  •  Post Show Report Of 2015 Guangzhou International Fair

    Leading Optical Exhibition in South China

    w   The marketplace for sole decision-makers

    w   National and international reach

    w   Enormous purchasing power


    Facts & Figures 2015

    Show Date:                 17-19 May,2015

    Venue:                     Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou

    Floor space:                 10,000Sqm

    Exhibitors number:           200 +

    Visitors:                    21,260


    Exhibitors’ Feedback

    90% of exhibitors rated the prospects of follow-up business as being “excellent”, “good” or “fair”

    89% of exhibitors rated the general outcome as being “excellent”, “good” or “fair”

    87% of exhibitors rated the visitor quality as being “excellent”, “good” or “fair”

    Visitors' feedback
    93% of the attendees are involved in the purchases of products or services for their company.
    69% of the attendees are presidents, owners, CEOs,or heads of managements.

    Visitors' Profile


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