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  •  Post Show Report of 2016 Guangzhou International Optics Fair


    Leading Optical Exhibition in South China

    w   The marketplace for sole decision-makers

    w   National and international reach

    w   Enormous purchasing power


    Facts & Figures 2016

    Show Date:             6-8 Nov, 2016

    Venue:                     Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou

    Floor space:                 10,000Sqm

    Exhibitors number:           200 +

    Visitors:                    31,232


    Breakdown of Exhibitors by regions: 
    Guangdong, Zhejinag, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Beijing, Abroad, Other provinces

    Breakdown of Exhibitors by Purpose:
    Looking for business opportunities and exploiting market

    Exchanging information and promoting trade

    Displaying enterprises’ brand image

    Seeking distributors, agents and other partners

    Breakdown of Exhibitors by overall satisfaction:
    23% of exhibitors rated the prospects of follow-up business as being “fairly satisfied"

    58% of exhibitors rated the general outcome as being “basically satisfied"

    19% of exhibitors rated the visitor quality as being "unsatisfied"

    Visitor’s Feedback

    93% of attendees are involved in the purchase of products or services for their company
    69% of attendees are presidents, owners, CEOs or heads of management 
    Visitor’s objective
    Preparing for order

    Seeing order for sample on the spot

    Seeking the opportunities of corperations,agency and distributions

    Collecting market and products’ information

    Looking for cooperation partner

    Analyse of buyers from China and foreign countries
    China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwang, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, America and Europe, South America and et
    Analysis of buyers by interested products
    Spectacles frames, Lens, Sunglasses, Mechanical Equipment, Contact glasses accessories, Spectacles spare parts
    Types of Buyers
    Glasses product agents/distributors

    The frames and lens distributors

    Glasses wholesalers

    Mechanical equipment distributors

    Glasses retail chain enterprises

    The frames and lens manufacturers

    Machinery ,equipment , spare parts manufacturers

    Glasses industry media
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